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  • Dupond

    Dupond got into China since 1863. In 1984, they reopened office in Beijing and set up facotry in Shenzhen in 1988 and Shanghai INNOVATION CENTRE built up in 2014. This centre focus on the food, car industry etc. For more information of Dupond, please visit their webpage.

  • Shuanghui

    Shuanghui Group, is the largest meat processing company in China and part of WH-group. WH-group, is the mother company of Shuanghiui and Smithfield. They are in pork, chicken and more. for more information:

  • Jinluo

    Jinluo meat products Group Co., Ltd. is a group company whose business is focus on pig slaughtering, meat processing enterprises. Group has more than 200 sales offices, more than 18000 stores in China. for more information:

  • Sunner

    Sunner focus on chicken production more than 30 years. It is the industry with high modernization, good quality with good reputation in China. It has grandparent and parent breeder chicken breeding, hatching eggs, broilers, broiler slaughter and processing. for more info:

  • New hope

    New Hope Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1982, is the first successful story of Chinese agricultural industry reform. In the passed twelve years ranked the top 500 Chinese enterprises. For a number of years won the first in the list of top 100 enterprises in Sichuan. Up to now, the group has more than 600 companies in nearly 30 countries at home and abroad, more than 80 thousand employees, more than employees, sales revenue exceeded 90 billion yuan. for more information:

  • cofco

    COFCO Limited (COFCO) is the world's leading agricultural products. National owned food suppliers in China and business related with agricultural products trade, logistics, processing, grain, oil food production. for more information:

  • CPF

    Established over 90 years ago by Mr. Chia Ek Chor and Mr. Chia Siew Whooy, the Charoen Pokphand Group (CP Group) is a transnational conglomerate that consists of three core businesses that operate in the agro-industry & food, retail and distribution, and the telecommunications industries with investment in almost 20 countries. Founded in 1921, the CP Group currently employs over 300,000 people with offices and factories located worldwide. Annual revenue for the year 2015 was USD 43 Billion. In 1979 when China started to open its door to the outside world, CP Group was among the first foreign investors to enter the country by establishing China’s first foreign-owned enterprise in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. During the past 30 years, CP Group has invested over 110 billion yuan in China, and generates 100 billion yuan in revenue on an annual basis. It has incorporated more than 300 subsidiaries, and employs over 80,000 people in China.