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  • Hualaishi

    By the end of Dec. 30 2017, Hualaisi group owns 15000 restaurants shops in China only. It is 2 times totally restaurant amounts of McDonald and KFC.

  • Dupond

    Dupond got into China since 1863. In 1984, they reopened office in Beijing and set up facotry in Shenzhen in 1988 and Shanghai INNOVATION CENTRE built up in 2014. This centre focus on the food, car industry etc. For more information of Dupond, please visit their webpage.

  • Shuanghui

    Shuanghui Group, is the largest meat processing company in China and part of WH-group. WH-group, is the mother company of Shuanghiui and Smithfield. They are in pork, chicken and more. for more information:

  • Jinluo

    Jinluo meat products Group Co., Ltd. is a group company whose business is focus on pig slaughtering, meat processing enterprises. Group has more than 200 sales offices, more than 18000 stores in China. for more information:

  • Sunner

    Sunner focus on chicken production more than 30 years. It is the industry with high modernization, good quality with good reputation in China. It has grandparent and parent breeder chicken breeding, hatching eggs, broilers, broiler slaughter and processing. for more info:

  • OSI China

    OSI Group, as a global food processor, has over 50 facilities in 17 countries around the world. OSI was established in 1909 and the headquarters is located near Chicago, Illinois, in the United States of America. For more information:

  • cofco

    COFCO Limited (COFCO) is the world's leading agricultural products. National owned food suppliers in China and business related with agricultural products trade, logistics, processing, grain, oil food production. for more information: